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Hair Extension After Care

lets face it hair extensions are expensive so here are some tips to keep them in the best condition and extend the longevity of the hair!

  • brush the hair from bottom to top moving upward 
  • use sulfate FREE shampoo & conditioner 
  • apply hair oil on kids to ends everyday
  • brush hair a couple times a day to prevent tangling 

Hand Tied Extension care (still use the tips above but here is additional)

  • blow dry the weft part before going to bed to prevent itchiness & tangle
  • wear hair in loose braid or bun to sleep
  • sleep with silk or satin pillow case
  •   if your going to swim, put conditioner on your hair and put in loose braid but pools have a lot of strong chemicals that is not good for the hair so I would recommend not getting extensions wet.
  • Make sure to brush your extensions from bottom to top and Throughly to ensure no knots form!